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C-CHAN happy snaps!
inane contact details
PAPRIKA: the new anime from satoshi kon - review
one photo says it all: TOKYO DISNEYLAND
TEKKON KINKREET anime preview
album of the moment: V/A - HIFANA presents NAMPOOH CABLE
ZU-ZUSHI, part 2: IF? Records return to Melbourne
is this the coolest show on JAPANESE TV?
the best ADVERTISEMENT of all time
JEFF MILLS launches his "one man spaceship" in Tokyo
jonathan more raps about Dr Who: COLDCUT stylee
BEN SIMS labels for Andrez, September 2006
PowerShovel, Ltd.
SPANK ROCK rant a bit to our Tim
FAMKE JANSSEN raps about "x-men 3"
george w. bush: the real state of da union
PLAID: all about greedy baby & i-warp
movie review: STUDIO GHIBLI'S "gedo senki"
new IF? RECORDS sites
WORLD CUP round-up
IFFY links
TOKYO TECHNO parties 2006
muzak of da month #1: joy division rejigged...
movie review: "CARS"
new LITTLE NOBODY info links
BRAZIL music demo competition!
T.O.E. TV 1994
5000 FINGERS OF DR. T - "barbequeued crickets" video-clip
TIM DELUXE: ego killer
DORAEMON: is this the best japanese anime?
cocoa-chan blog
"get yer mitts on it" book selection #2
completely archaic video-clip of the month
silliest video of the year
the world cup
yoko umehara, art et al
gloria gaynor: that '70s diva
movie review: "poseidon"
little nobody / schlock tactile / andrez bergen
nightmares on wax
kid 606 'sometimes' video-clip
vegemite: anime stylee!
movie review: "dreamer"
the winners: the coolest, kitschest tv themes
jeff mills 'life cycle' (1994) video-clip
jammin' unit vs. vj sniper (video-clip)
movie review: luc besson's "angel-a"
classic japanese movie previews
si begg / the noodles foundation 'mad as hell' video-clip
evangelion vs. rammstein
kid koala 'fender bender' video-clip
dj shadow 'six days' video-clip by wong-kar wai
plaid 'eyen' video-clip
neil landstrumm / scandinavia
ken ishii - 'extra' anime video clip by koji morimoto
mamoru oshii - 2006
peanut butter wolf / stones throw
mr. scruff
william shatner fuels-up
si begg / noodles 2006
kid koala
video archive: front 242 'Headhunter'
movie review: mamoru oshii's "tachiguishi retsuden"
from the back of the fridge: cristian vogel (2000)
tony leung: 2046 / in the mood for love
movie review: "the producers"
ninja tune: zen tv II tour
kenji kawai
classic movie o' the month
"get yer mitts on it" book selection #1
movie review: osamu tezuka's "blackjack"
wine guzzler of the year award
fantastic plastic machine
coldcut: 'sound mirrors', ad infinitum
gene farris: 2006
captain funk / oe
the glimmers
deep dish vs. madonna
zen paradox / steve law
khan oral / captain comatose
luke vibert / wagon christ
from the back of the fridge: claude young (1998)
schlock tactile
calvin & hobbes
the winner: best american comic book cover of all time!
from the back of the fridge: melbourne - voiteck & honeysmack (1997)
from the back of the fridge: ken ishii (1999)
from the back of the fridge: aphex twin (1997)
cyberdada: archive playlists (pbs-fm)
muzak of da month (march): prefuse 73
muzak of da month (april): tachiguishi retsuden soundtrack
de-VICE #1


text by the scintillating
mr. timothy colman, esq.

Let's face it - if extraterrestrial life were to ever land on Earth, it
probably wouldn't be fluent in any of the world's dialects.
While the question of alien language may plague the odd sci-fi-minded linguist, the question of alien music has been an inspiration to turntablist extraordinaire, Q-Bert.

"I always wanted to know about weird music on the planet," says Q-Bert. "I
definitely wanted to know what weird music was for other civilisations out
there. It inspires my creativity to imagine what type of music they have on
other planets."

When it comes to manipulating vinyl on turntables it could be argued that
the San Francisco resident possesses some otherworldly skills himself.
Breaking into the turntablist battle scene in the late 90ıs Q-Bert and DJ
partner Mixmaster Mike (who now spins for the Beastie Boys) changed the face
of competitive turntablism when they took out the DMC World DJ Mixing
Championships three years running. Such was their innovation and domination
of the event rumour has it the duo were asked to retire, judging the event

Not having DJıed competitively for quite some time now does he miss the
battle style? "The whole energy of being a battle DJ is still with me," says
Q-Bert. "Iım always trying to learn and better myself everyday. I think that
element will always be in my heart, to keep progressing always."

After hanging up his battle turntables Q-Bert formed seminal turntable music
group, the Invisbl Skratch Piklz in 1994 with Mixmaster Mike and a host of
other likeminded DJs. Essentially they used turntables as instruments,
composing pieces of music with elements of hip hop, jazz, funk, r&b and

The group has since disbanded but Q-Bert has still found many different
outlets for his turntable energies ­ animation, film, instructional videos,
computer games, even soundtracks to childrenıs books.

His latest foray is the invention of a new turntable and mixer combination
with the Vestax company. By no means a standard set-up the rig is set to
change the face of busking.

"Itıs made for portable scratching," says Q-Bert. "Musicians, like
guitarists or a violin guy, can go anywhere out in the jungle, a mountain
cliff or anywhere inspiring. DJs canıt do that, theyıre stuck wherever they
have their turntables, just looking at a wall all day. I decided to make
something portable. You bring your solar powered battery pack, take it
outdoors, bring a boom box or headphones and you can scratch wherever you

While DJing on a mountain top would make for some interesting sounds the
portable DJ set-up is still in its prototype stage meaning Q-Bert is still
working off his standard influences.

"Definitely jazz musicians, thatıs what I listen to most of the time," he
says. "Also a lot of singing. I like the ways singers create a sonic dance
with their vocals. I love watching breakdancers, the moves they do and how
they play with the eye and music."

Thereıs no denying a Q-Bert performance is as visually engaging as it is
aurally. His range and skill to succinctly manipulate different breaks is
astounding. Itıs almost like a sixth sense.

"For some reason it just goes into my brain and I can just pull it out,"
says Q-Bert. "Every technique I learn it becomes like a little toy and I can
just pull out all these toys that are in my head and play with them at will.
Itıs a like a wrestler grappling or something, they can pull out different
moves at will. Itıs like how Iım talking right now, I have all these words
and they just come out as I speak."


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