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ZU-ZUSHI, part 2: IF? Records return to Melbourne
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JEFF MILLS launches his "one man spaceship" in Tokyo
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PowerShovel, Ltd.
SPANK ROCK rant a bit to our Tim
FAMKE JANSSEN raps about "x-men 3"
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de-VICE #1


text by the superlative
mr. timothy colman, esq.

These days if you want your music to make any sort of impact it needs to have an accompanying video clip. Most labels will milk five videos out of an album if they think it will sell them more CDs.

Robin Brunson and Stuart Warren Hill of English group, Hexstatic, took this
concept to the extreme. Both their albums ­ Rewind and Master View ­ have
been complete audio-visual affairs; essentially each track has its own
unique clip. This probably explains why the duošs releases are few and far

"It does take a long time," says Brunson. "I think it was four years between
our last two. Wešre always constantly doing things for the live show, which
can be used for the album, but it is very time consuming. It probably takes
four times as long."

Luckily for the pair, whošve been working together since 1995, itšs their
live marriage of music and visuals which holds the punteršs attention.
Musically they deliver a barrage of electro, hip hop and breaks over a
visual collage of animation and live filming. Theyšre even able to localise
the mix to the area theyšre performing in.

"It depends how much time we get in the city," says Brunson. "Wešre doing a
workshop in New Zealand and the idea is to make something that has reference
to the local area and then show it in the performance. Things like the road
crossing buttons here make this mad noise. Wešve sampled those before and
put them in the shows."

What reaction the local material elicits obviously depends on whošs in the

"I remember playing in South America there was this huge wall of graffiti
and we walked along and shot it all. It was about a mile long. We showed it
at the show and it just so happened the guys who had done the pieces were at
the show. They went crazy."

Advances in DJ technology have made it easy to cut up audio live. New
digital decks enable CDs to be manipulate in the same fashion as vinyl.
Unfortunately nothing similar existed for the live visual mixers or VJs.
When DJ equipment producers, Pioneer, wanted to exploit the visual market
they called Hexstatic.

"Pioneer asked a load of DJs worldwide what they wanted," says Brunson. "The
CD decks had just come out and we said if you could do that with DVDs it
would be fantastic. They were nice enough to manufacture them, which is a
surprise, cause Išm not sure what sort of market there is for them. Theyšre
extremely expensive."

Hopefully they gave you one for your efforts.

"They gave us two actually. That was very nice because I donšt think we
would have been able to afford them otherwise."

So where does one source visuals? Computer animation and filming can yield
ample material but it appears a lifetime obsession with recording the idiot
box is the answer.

"Stu has a huge library," says Brunson. "Basically a whole attic of old VHS
tapes and Beta tapes, which he can still get to work. His dad had one of the
first video recorders, which is some obscure tape format Išve never even
seen before. Apparently hešs got every episode of Top of the Pops for 10
years in the '70s on this format."


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