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C-CHAN happy snaps!
inane contact details
PAPRIKA: the new anime from satoshi kon - review
one photo says it all: TOKYO DISNEYLAND
TEKKON KINKREET anime preview
album of the moment: V/A - HIFANA presents NAMPOOH CABLE
ZU-ZUSHI, part 2: IF? Records return to Melbourne
is this the coolest show on JAPANESE TV?
the best ADVERTISEMENT of all time
JEFF MILLS launches his "one man spaceship" in Tokyo
jonathan more raps about Dr Who: COLDCUT stylee
BEN SIMS labels for Andrez, September 2006
PowerShovel, Ltd.
SPANK ROCK rant a bit to our Tim
FAMKE JANSSEN raps about "x-men 3"
george w. bush: the real state of da union
PLAID: all about greedy baby & i-warp
movie review: STUDIO GHIBLI'S "gedo senki"
new IF? RECORDS sites
WORLD CUP round-up
IFFY links
TOKYO TECHNO parties 2006
muzak of da month #1: joy division rejigged...
movie review: "CARS"
new LITTLE NOBODY info links
BRAZIL music demo competition!
T.O.E. TV 1994
5000 FINGERS OF DR. T - "barbequeued crickets" video-clip
TIM DELUXE: ego killer
DORAEMON: is this the best japanese anime?
cocoa-chan blog
"get yer mitts on it" book selection #2
completely archaic video-clip of the month
silliest video of the year
the world cup
yoko umehara, art et al
gloria gaynor: that '70s diva
movie review: "poseidon"
little nobody / schlock tactile / andrez bergen
nightmares on wax
kid 606 'sometimes' video-clip
vegemite: anime stylee!
movie review: "dreamer"
the winners: the coolest, kitschest tv themes
jeff mills 'life cycle' (1994) video-clip
jammin' unit vs. vj sniper (video-clip)
movie review: luc besson's "angel-a"
classic japanese movie previews
si begg / the noodles foundation 'mad as hell' video-clip
evangelion vs. rammstein
kid koala 'fender bender' video-clip
dj shadow 'six days' video-clip by wong-kar wai
plaid 'eyen' video-clip
neil landstrumm / scandinavia
ken ishii - 'extra' anime video clip by koji morimoto
mamoru oshii - 2006
peanut butter wolf / stones throw
mr. scruff
william shatner fuels-up
si begg / noodles 2006
kid koala
video archive: front 242 'Headhunter'
movie review: mamoru oshii's "tachiguishi retsuden"
from the back of the fridge: cristian vogel (2000)
tony leung: 2046 / in the mood for love
movie review: "the producers"
ninja tune: zen tv II tour
kenji kawai
classic movie o' the month
"get yer mitts on it" book selection #1
movie review: osamu tezuka's "blackjack"
wine guzzler of the year award
fantastic plastic machine
coldcut: 'sound mirrors', ad infinitum
gene farris: 2006
captain funk / oe
the glimmers
deep dish vs. madonna
zen paradox / steve law
khan oral / captain comatose
luke vibert / wagon christ
from the back of the fridge: claude young (1998)
schlock tactile
calvin & hobbes
the winner: best american comic book cover of all time!
from the back of the fridge: melbourne - voiteck & honeysmack (1997)
from the back of the fridge: ken ishii (1999)
from the back of the fridge: aphex twin (1997)
cyberdada: archive playlists (pbs-fm)
muzak of da month (march): prefuse 73
muzak of da month (april): tachiguishi retsuden soundtrack
de-VICE #1


Moon Palace was a mighty fine Sunday arvo thingy that took place in Chalk Farm, in north London, where more leftfield (and therefore way more inspiring) geezers like Pilote, Andrew Weatherall, DJ Rubbish, Pisstank, Carthage, Cursor Miner, Steve Bedlam, A Guy Called Gerald, Bedouin Ascent, Shonky DJs, Das Spoon, Seb from Sub Bass Snarl and Si Begg all played in their disparate fashions.
Heck, even de-VICE pen-pushers Andrez (as Little Nobody) and Tim (Kid Calmdown) played there.
Now the evil denizens behind Moon Palace have started their very own record label and released a mighty cool debut CD...
Read on...


de-VICE: What's the name of the label, how did you set it up, when, why, and what're the artistic perimeters (if any!)?
DAN + PETE: The name of the label is (pronounced "discordance"). After running numerous successful electronica events for a number of years, we decided to take it forward and launch a label that would hopefully reflect the enthusiasm and open-mindedness of our live events. We started discussing ideas nearly a year ago and have just released our debut offering – a 32 track double cd volume 1.
Although the label is predominantly electronica-based, the compilation reflects that we feel there is also other music that we can happily include under the "" banner. The only real perimeters to what we might release are set by our own personal taste.
We have an unquenchable thirst for new and exciting music and we would only release music that genuinely excites us and that we think deserves to be heard by a wider audience.

de-VICE: Who's involved in running the label, and what other experiences do you have?

D+P: The label is run by us [Dancon1 and Pete Stormcrow], two DJs who have played at and organised many  electronica events. We were heavily involved with the long-running London-based monthly clubs Rehabilitation and moonpalace. Over the last couple of years we started a series of events called, with the intention of widening the scope of our events – previous nights have included performance artists, poets, magicians, pole-dancers, eclectic one-off DJ sets, in addition to our regular electronica offerings.

de-VICE: Which artists have you got on board - and why these people?
D+P: The majority of the artists featured on the compilation are artists that have played at our live events in the past, and whose music we love. A few artists, for example, Satanicpornocultshop, make music that we have both appreciated for some time and have approached via e-mail for a contribution.


de-VICE: How did you assemble the compilation?

D+P: The compilation took some time to get together. We approached the artists that we knew very well, and asked if they were happy to contribute, and things progressed from there. It was decided at a very early stage that we wanted the compilation to represent the widest possible range of good music out there and that there should be no set style or fixed sound for the label.
This could be the undoing of us, but without that feel this compilation
would be a poor imitation of our events, so definitely worth the risk! we had to steer clear of the safe, shall we say!

de-VICE: What would you like the compilation to achieve?

D+P: The more people that hear the great artists, the better. We're hoping that the compilation sells well enough to establish the label, and that we can then continue to release further releases by individual artists and highlight some new discoveries. We've done so many events with such fantastic artists, that this album should be the claxon, alerting listeners to them.

de-VICE: How have you launched both the label and the new compilation, and what's the experience been like?

D+P: The label has been launched with our combined enthusiasm and love for the music, but with limited finances. Despite our relative lack of experience in releasing music, we believe that we have a good set of ears between us, and the desire to seek out great music. Neither of us have run a record label before, so it has been a fairly steep learning curve, which is still far from complete!
We're genuinely amazed by the quality of contributions, showing great trust in us.

de-VICE: Who are your label role-models, then?

D+P: We don't have label role-models as such, but we are keen to avoid the need to classify/pigeonhole all musics into convenient sub-genres, and the label will never have a definitive sound. Past role models may include the early years of Factory – a label which wilfully broke a lot of rules: their lack  of contracts with their artists, challenging packaging and a general independent approach to their business method.
Contemporary role-models are harder - many labels releasing some great music, but with a very rigid "sound policy" – a great approach for them, maybe, but definitely not for us!
Saying that, though, the graphic work of The Designers Republic has definately swayed ears towards a certain sound in the past...

de-VICE: Where to now for the label?

D+P: We're hoping to release a lot more music early next year, nothing fixed as yet, but will possibly include a full-length album from Blaubac, a dubstep-styled album from Mothboy, and we have recently been discussing releasing a series of 3" CDs from a wide variety of artists. Plus an adverse remix series, placing diverse artists together! As they say, "watch this space!"

de-VICE: Can people contact you directly with submissions?

D+P: We're always happy to hear new music! People can e-mail us at or for an address to send CD-Rs to, or send us links to download or listen to their work.

buy our superb compilation:

buy our teeshirt from NORMANS:
...end propaganda spiel...


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